Georgia State University joint program with Cairo University.

Prepared by: Sara Hannoura (sara.hannoura@theigclub.com)

Location: Inside Cairo University main campus (English section building)

Georgia joint program is a program between Cairo university and Georgia State University in Atlanta, United States of America. You are given the chance to specialize in three tracks: Accounting, Marketing and Finance starting from your third year. While on the other hand the specialisation begins in the normal English Section from your fourth year, and Finance specialization isn’t available in English Section. Georgia joint program provides you with dual certificates: The English section certificate , in addition to that of the joint program (Georgia state university certificate). Additionally, Professors from Georgia state university may come to the program to give extensive courses. You have the option to attend 2 courses (Summer Semester) in Georgia State University U.S

What you need to join Georgia program. First, you must be nominated to First Year in the Faculty of Commerce- Arabic section through AL Tanseeq office for the academic year 2016\2017 which varies according to the previous years from 84% to 87% . Then you should acquire a minimum of C in the English O.L. So after that , the selection of the student to join Georgia Program are based on the following : (1) High School score (2) Personal interview .

After passing all the requirements + personal interview , you have the right to join the program and pay the Tuition fees which are 31,000 . to be paid on two (2) equal installments – within a month from each semester .

Application form must be filled with 250 LE , non refundable in case of non acceptance.

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