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Tuition for Academic Semester

GUC Admission Steps

The following table describes the tuition equivalent to Euro to be paid in Egyptian pounds or Euro Per Semester for the academic year 2019/2020:

GUC Tuition Fees (New Comers) Academic Year 2019/2020 (Per Semester)

“Applied to all New undergraduate students starting 2018-2019”


Tuition Fees for Academic Year 2020/2021

GroupCategory “A”Category “B”Category “C”

كليات الهندسة

EUR 3,715

EGP 68,350

EUR 4,375

EGP 80,700

EUR 5,050

EGP 92,350

Management Technology

كلية تكنولوجيا الإدارة


EUR 3,715

EGP 68,350


EUR 4,375

EGP 80,700


EUR 5,050

EGP 92,350

Pharmacy & Biotechnology

كلية الصيدلة و التكنولويا الحيوية

EUR 3,715

EGP 64,750

EUR 4,375

EGP 76,400

EUR 5,050

EGP 87,400

Applied Arts

كلية العلوم التطبيقية و الفنون

3,985 EUR




Law and Legal Studies

كلية الحقوق و الدراسات القانونية

EUR 3,715 EGP 55,000EUR 4,375 EGP 64,900EUR 5,050 EGP 74,250

Other Fees

  • A non-refundable GUC evaluation tests fees of 550 EGP to be paid at the time of submitting applications during Early and Regular Admission.
  • A deposit of 5000 EGP or 420 Euro as insurance for use of labs (refundable at the end of academic studies after deduction of damages).

Management students applying for Technology-based Program: Choosing the technology-based program entails extra study of 30 hours corresponding to one additional semester that will be calculated on the basis of Category “A” tuition level to be paid in installments of LE4,100 or 620 EUR per semester for the chosen technology-based Management major for 5 semesters.

Students receiving categories “A” and “B” scholarships will maintain their scholarship so long as their overall GPA is better than 3.5 (Please refer to the tuition review policy)


Tuition and fees are announced at the beginning of each academic year for the new entrants. However, for those already enrolled, tuition and fees are subject to slight increase between 5% and 10% annually.

  • Having passed at least 8 O-levels.guc
  • Maximum number of AL or ASL subjects to be calculated is: 2 ALs or 4 ASLs or 1AL+2ASL subjects.
  • Minimum O-level-Grade is “C”
  • Minimum AL or ASL Grade is “D”
  • AL or ASL Math is required to join the Engineering Group.
  • Accepted number of sittings is 5 (taken during not more than 3 successive years).
  • IGCSE OL subjects obtained from Arab countries should be of the extended, not of the core system


  • English Language or/and Literature.
  • Math (OL)
  • Math (AL/ASL)
  • Physics (OL)
  • Chemistry/ Applied Chemistry (O.L).

*To be completed with other subjects


  • English Language or/and Literature.
  • Biology (O.L)/Human Biology/ Health Occupation
  • Chemistry (O.L)
  • Physics/ Human Physics /Physical Science
  • Mathematical subject/ Economics

*To be completed with other subjects

For GCSE: accepted Science DBL award



  • English Language or/and Literature.
  • Other optional subjects should include 5 of the following: Geography/ Global Studies/ Social Studies/ History/ Economics/ Business Studies/ Mathematical subject/ Principles of Statistics/ Accounting/ Consumer Math/Commercial Studies/ Physics/ Chemistry/ Biology/ Human Biology/ German/ French/Computer Science.
  • To be completed with other subjects.

Technology-based management: Requires the subjects of chemistry, biology in some specializations. (please refer to admission office for more details).

Business Informatics: Requires strong background in Mathematics. (please refer to the admission office for more details)



  • English Language or/and Literature.
  • Other optional subjects should include 5 of the following:

Geography/ Global Studies/ Social Studies/ History/ Economics/ Mathematical subject/ Principles of Statistics/Accounting/ French/ any foreign European Language / Philosophy or Logic / Biology / Physics / Chemistry / Sociology / Art/ Computer Science or IT

•     To be completed with other subjects


Required Documents


  • IGCSE-Slips stamped by the British Council as True Documents only (no other stamp can replace the British Council stamp), certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and الإدارة العامة للإمتحانات (Ministry of Education).
  • IGSCE-Slips stamped by the British Council as copies of true documents will not be treated as originals and cannot be accepted.
  • Edadeya Certificate or proof of 12 years of schooling stamped by school and certified by the Educational Zone the school belongs to.
  • If the proof of 12 years of schooling is obtained from outside Egypt required stamps are: the school stamp, the stamp of the Educational Zone and the Egyptian embassy in that foreign country.
  • Original document of Arabic Language and Religion exams Thanaweya Amma level (for Arab Nationals).
  • Original Birth Certificate
  • 6 passport size recent photos (not older than one year).
  • Military Service Form (Namouzag 2 Gond), for Egyptian male students only
  • All documents will be examined by the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education\Council for Private Universities, prior the final registration at the GUC.
  • All documents issued from schools inside Egypt Must be stamped from Educational Zone – Ministry of Education
  • Letter of withdrawal from other University (in case student is registered in another University)

All info mentioned above could be found on GUC’s official website 

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