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History CIE (0470)

History (0470)

This syllabus takes the students on a journey through the 19th and 20th centuries and some of the major events that took place in particular regions. The syllabus focuses on historical knowledge as well as developing the skills required for historical research. The syllabus aims to teach students the nature of cause and effect, continuity and change, similarity and difference, and how to use and understand historical evidence as part of their studies. This syllabus will provide students with a good foundation and interest to pursue further studies in the subject.51c5Ue4AfxL

All candidates are expected to sit for three components: 1, 2, and 3 or 4. The first component is a written paper where candidates answer two questions from Section A and one question from Section B. All questions are structured essays that are broken up into three parts. This component is worth 40% of the total grade. The second component, is also a written paper where candidates answer six questions on one prescribed topic from the core curriculum. This component is worth 33% of the total grade. Component 3 is classified as coursework, where candidates are required to produce one piece of extended writing based on a Depth Study from the syllabus. Component 4 is a written paper that is alternative to coursework, where candidates answer one question on a Depth Study. Both components are worth 27% of the total grade.

The syllabus


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