Interview: Dr Ahmed Moataz – Biology

Our Junior Counsellor Salma Ahmed Arafa is one of the most passionate about Biology in our team, and she decided to help all IGians to know more about the Biology and what to expect when sitting for it.

Dr Ahmed works in port said british school, Maadi Narmer school and Knowledge valley, teaching human biology,IGCSE,AL Cambridge and IGCSE Edexcel

Why biology ?

Biology is a fascinating subject as it helps us fathom the complicated systems circulating in our bodies, it’s the study of life and teaches us about ourselves and natural world around us. A good starting when studying biology is to admire the perfection of nature and principles of life ,but can often cause problems for students. If this the case for you, then read on and discover the best techniques to improve your exam results.

How to Study bio?

Although biology is a tough class ,it doesn’t have to be painful one to study for and get through . it’s a subject that builds upon itself, so it’s essential to understand the basic concepts before you can understand the more complex ones. Learning the vocabulary associated with biology and staying on top of the material are the best ways to improve your comprehension of biology and be ready for every exam. A Major mistake that we all do when it comes to studying biology is that we only memorize it without understanding the content which makes studying a bit tough, biology is a blend of both. Another point is that sketching a diagram of a biological process can be a simpler way to learn the concept than just reading about it. If you really understand it you should be able to draw the entire process and label all entire aspects

How to get a star?

Starting off , when you study a topic it’s crucial to scrabble down the terminologies and main points of the topic, so that you can have headlines Embedded in your head about the topic. Another thing about studying AL biology is that you have to study Using a schedule, to elaborate more, everything that was taken during class has to be studied on the spot, piling things up and procrastinating wouldn’t be useful cause simply you would forget. Solving post studying is a must as it helps you to sum up everything you studied and practicing help you cut out on silly and repetitive mistakes. Biology Is not a subject that can be absorbed in the short period of time you are in class. Reading the material before it’s covered in class will give you a head start on the concepts and you’ll know what is coming up. Not only that,but also understanding biology requires that you have a general understanding of the broad concepts before you can really get into the details.   STUDY SMATER,NOT HARDER.

How to fit the AL in your future plan?

One of the main requirements for medicine is AL Biology, the student can divide the AL On two sessions, As in November and A2 in June OR Take the AL as one shot. The whole AL plus  an easy IGCSE in one session is more than enough. The IGCSE may be Arabic or French, and its preferable if its human biology as this subject is related to AL biology, so it’s like studying one subject, but on a larger scale. Always  leave an empty session to be available for retaking any subject.



The minority of p3 is practical questions and the rest of the paper is written questions.p5 is similar to p6 IGCSE (alternative to practical),the student has to be extremely careful and precise when using the lab equipment and when doing your measurements. It’s all about following steps instructed by the examiner.

What’s the difference between AL Edexcel and Cambridge?

Cambridge exam is classified in to 5 papers (2 papers AS AND 3 Papers A2)

1.     P1 is MCQ

2.     P2 IS structured questions (AS)

3.     P3 is practical

4.     P4 structured questions (A2)

5.     P5 is alternative to practical

Edexcel exam is classified in to 6 units (3 units AS AND 3 units A2) each unit consist of a number of topics and the exam questions are similar, while unit 3 and 6 are practical.

Considering the syllabus they’re similar.


What’s the difference between As and A2?

As and A2 are different on so many levels, as A2 curriculum wise is Shorter in length, but filled with so many details, on the other hand As has longer syllabus, but less deep than A2. Consequently A2 is  tougher than AS because the effort exerted in A2 is much higher.

Aside from the fact that AL Biology is the curriculum of first year in medicine, which sounds horrible, By some persistence, perseverance, hardwork, and strong will you can easily achieve it, yes you heard me right, its not impossible to achieve in it, you just need *10 extra work.






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