Interview: Mr Maged Wageeh – Computer Science

By: Akram Badr (IGCSE’20)

Many students are confused when taking an optional subjects as some of it are the first time to be taken. However, CS is one of the most interesting ones and one of the most underrated subjects in the IGCSE. So, our counsellor Akram Badr went to meet a legend in the CS in our community and one of a few that studied in Germany, Mr Maged Wageeh and asked him these following questions

At which Schools are you teaching at?

I’m teaching at the schools of Elite, EBIS (Egyptian British International School) and Green Valley Schools.

What Is The Difference Between CS and ICT?

First off, let’s talk about ICT! ICT contains 3 papers which are 1,2 and 3. Paper 1 is mainly about theoretical questions (paper based) and it has a 40% of the total while paper 2 and 3 (Practical) contains 60% of the total (Computer Based). CS is different. Paper 1 (Theoretical) Contains 60% of the total while paper 2 (Programming) is not computer based and contains 40% of the total. Practical papers of both subjects are totally different

Are there any similarities between CS and ICT?

In theoretical papers, there’s a bit of similarity but not much. There is no certain percentages of similarity. However, there are similar topics in both subjects.

Why should students take CS?

In the perspective of the big picture, if you look into the top international companies, you’ll find that the owners’ majors were Computer Engineering. These companies were based on computer engineering. Therefore, higher salaries may be guaranteed. On the long run, Programming language fundamentals may be a must while working just like normal languages. This may be required to use like English, German or others. However, computer skills may be a must as these companies contain websites or whatever (Multi-national Companies). If you get a major of Computer engineering, you may work as a software engineer or being an App Developer or even a web developer or even a game developer. CS has a very achievable A*. It’s grade chance is great for an optional subject. Some of the students have a passion for it and some not due to the change of thinking skills this subject does as it’s not systematic.

Is an A* achievable in IGCSE and A Level?

Not a high number of students took the AL but most of them got A*s mainly due to the passion of it. In the IGCSE, it’s very achievable as the percentage of the A* students is very high.

What does qualify a student to take CS AL?

Passion comes first after passing IGCSE and the students must be aiming for a major related to CS. Also, it’s a key A Level to take for studying engineering abroad instead of biology for example.

What is the main outcome of studying CS?

It’s a key to whether you want to study its major in engineering. Even taking the CS major is aided by taking CS AL just like accounting if you want to study business.

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