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Interview with Dr Yahia El Khouly ( Accounting teacher)

By: AbdelReheem Zekry (IGCSE’20)


At which schools do you teach now?

I teach in NIS (Nasr City and El Shorouk), Continental, Roots, Summits and Capital schools.

Why should a student take Accounting IGCSE?

Why shouldn’t he take accounting? Although Accounting is a secondary subject but it is a necessity for every student. Any university major with commercial applications will have a need for Accounting. For example, the American University in Cairo (AUC) has an Accounting course called “engineering economy” and the German University in Cairo (GUC) has an Accounting course requirement in its Pharmacy major. Accounting is an old IGSCE subject with a long history versus a subject like Computer Science which is relatively new and is not a requirement in most majors.

What are the similarities between Accounting and Business?

There is a chapter in business for Accounting but business gives you broad overview of business where you study marketing, economics, finance and many other management related topics. However Accounting provides a more in-depth look at companies, including the analysis of the financial statements, figures, etc… Moreover, Accounting is the backbone of business so every business student must take accounting: it is the most powerful tool in business because you can’t measure the performance of a company without Accounting and you can’t prepare your financial statements without it.

If I am not good enough in math would this affect me?

There is a myth that if I have math phobia I won’t be good in accounting; while we use addition and subtraction sometimes you may have to calculate ratios. The idea of Accounting is that you translate the numbers and figures into the story of the company, this is the power of the subject. On the other hand, unlike Accounting, Finance is a subject that requires some sort of analysis of the figures and gives you an overview about the company by integration and differentiation so in this case the student must have some source of power in math.

Is the A* achievable in Accounting?

Personally I think after the languages comes the core and secondary subjects; Accounting has, by far, the most A* worldwide. Last November’s curve was 180 from 240 for A* you’ve to lose 60 grades to get A* and to get an A you’ve to get 144 from 240 that’s 96 marks that’s almost half of the grade. Students have a misconception about the subject because they are not familiar with it like physics, math, chemistry, etc…. Also studying Accounting requires a different approach from the traditional memorization techniques most students are familiar with; to excel in Accounting requires lots and lots of practice and a firm understanding of the topic. Also starting next June there is going to be MCQ paper 1 which is around 30% and paper 2 is 70% from the total grade versus a 50% 50% split currently with no MCQ.

What do you want to advise a fresh IG student?

My advice is the student should really focus on how you choose your subjects. Every student must be convinced that s/he has to sit with his/her parents and decide on the university s/he wishes to attend. Most of the students don’t know what they are going to study in the university. This is a very important step. First of all, the student must choose the location of the university (in Egypt or abroad). Second of all, the student must find out what are the subjects and at what level (O level, AS or AL) are required to meet the demands of the university and finally if you are confused between two majors you should take subjects that can help you in both majors.

Do you recommend Accounting AL for students?

From my own perspective I recommend Accounting AS because it’s the easiest AS, especially if you have a good base in IGCSE Accounting unlike the A2 which is very detailed and sophisticated for an IG student.

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