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As we have mentioned before, we have more than 270 partner in 27 countries, one of them is

Why would you study in Malaysia?

  •  Malaysia has very low living expenses
  •  You can study in Malaysia with a budget that starts with 5000$ so it’s really affordable
  •  Malaysia is one of the safest and politically stable countries in the world

Why would you study with one of the IG Club partner Universities?

  • Again, it’s highly affordable
  •  Some of our universities offer their bachelor degree in Collaboration with other
    universities from UK and USA
  •  Wide range of majors including Engineering, Design, Mass Communication and
  •  We, also, have several universities that offer Medical majors as Medicine, Dentistry &
    Pharmacy starting with a budget of 16500$
  •  Even if the student has only 5 IGCSE subjects, he can still apply

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