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The University of Canada in Egypt (UCE) is hosting a consortium of Canadian branch campuses and the physical location is in the New Cairo Administrative Capital, a 30-minute drive from New Cairo. At present, UCE is hosting the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) for specific undergraduate and Postgraduate studies, Other universities branch campuses will start soon.

*No degrees are issued by The Universities of Canada.

  • The university of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) offers an amazing education in a safe, beautiful environment. It is situated in the capital city of Charlottetown in Canada’s smallest province of Prince Edward. UPEI has a long-standing tradition of academic excellence dating back to the early 19th century.



The Universities of Canada currently hosts the branch campus of the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI). Each of the top-ranked programs that UPEI offers through the Universities of Canada branch campus in Egypt is identical to the program it offers to Canadian students in Canada.


At the end of their program students studying at UPEI hosted by The Universities of Canada in Egypt will be granted exactly the same degree as students studying in Canada. So, for example, a student studying business at UPEI’s branch campus hosted by The Universities of Canada will earn the same business degree as a student attending UPEI in Canada.


This means students will graduate with a Canadian degree recognized around the world. The degree is also accredited in Egypt and recognized by the Syndicates. What’s more, students studying at UPEI hosted by The Universities of Canada can transfer and study in Canada. Students simply leave their classes in Egypt and pick them up again seamlessly in Canada.




Degrees offered


Bachelor Degree in SCIENCE & INNOVATION

  • The Computer Science program in the Faculty of Science and innovation is unique in Egypt; that it is the only one that offers a focus on Video Gaming. Our graduates will be the leaders of this field with no competition in sight. is focus being not only lucrative in terms of career prospects, but also a lot of fun to study! Our program is packed with courses such as Computer Graphics and 2D and 3D Video Gaming Architectures, that offers the students a unique learning experience.


  • Computer Science is the language of the future. In the Faculty of Science and Innovation, we prepare today’s students to be tomorrow’s visionaries. Our program empowers the students with an arsenal of skills such as algorithmic problem solving, computational thinking, and mathematical analysis that ensures their abilities are unique in the job market. Our teaching is highly practice and industry oriented, where the students apply their knowledge using cutting edge technology in close collaboration with the industry.


  • Duration: 4 Years
  • Awarding University: University of Prince Edward Island
  • Majors in:
  • ▪ Computer Science specializing in Video Game Design
  • ▪ Analytics.




  • The study program is complemented with an entrepreneurship center that aims at providing students with all the skills, guidance, technology and resources they need to establish and run high growth, high impact entrepreneurial firms, as well as, an industry cooperative program that allows them to develop an array of practical skills through combining classroom studies with real-world work experience outside the university environment.


  • Duration: 4 Years
  • Awarding University: University of Prince Edward Island
  • Specializations in:
  • ▪ Accounting
  • ▪ Entrepreneurship
  • ▪ Marketing
  • ▪ Finance
  • ▪ Organizational Management



 Bachelor of science in Engineering in “ Sustainable Design Engineering “

The focus areas of “Sustainable Design Engineering” major are :

    + Mechatronics

    + Bioresources

    + Sustainable energy

  • The BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN ENGINEERING is devoted to developing engineers with exceptional design skills combined with a global perspective—engineers who are ready to meet the challenges of today’s world!
  • SUSTAINABLE DESIGN ENGINEERING goes beyond being how such goals are achieved, about its effect on people, the environment, and society.
  • SUSTAINABLE DESIGN ENGINEERING is a growing part of today’s product- and systems-design conversations. While sustainable design is inherent in all traditional engineering disciplines, we have developed an engineering program that puts a specialized focus on the design process across the various disciplines through a project-based curriculum.
  • With a degree in SUSTAINABLE SCIENCE ENGINEERING, students will have a competitive advantage because of their multidisciplinary approach to sustainable design.
  • The growing global focus on the ability to develop or enhance efficient solutions for systems and processes in both private and public companies will open up many exciting career opportunities now and in the future.
    • robotics and industrial automation
    • sustainable energy
    • bioresources and food processing
    • sensors, optics and imaging
    • advanced manufacturing
  • Duration: 4 Years
  • Awarding University: University of Prince Edward Island

Requirements of IGCSE Certificate:

  • • Engineering and science: 5 IGCSE subjects in the appropriate subjects and 1 AS level in Maths (minimum grade of B).

    • Business: 5 IGCSE subjects in the appropriate subjects with a minimum grade of B in Maths.

Other admission requirements

  • English proficiency proof (if available) otherwise you will be required to sit for an English proficiency Placement exam .
  • Math placement Exam

Undergraduate tuition fees for the academic year 2019/2020:

  1. Tuition fees

4 year degrees 

Total Credit Hours


( per 1credit hour)

Per course

(3 credit hours)

Tuition fees per Year

(10 courses)

Faculty of Business Administration & Entrepreneurship120465 CAD $.1,395 CAD $.13,950 CAD $.
Faculty of Engineering & Design141465 CAD $.1,395 CAD $.**16,391 CAD$.

average per year

Faculty of Science & Innovation120465 CAD $.1,395 CAD $.13,950 CAD $.


Total tuition fees cost per year depends on the number of credit hours taken per year. Credit hours may not be divided evenly over a student’s time at UofCanada. For example, an engineering student will take more credit hours in their first and second years and fewer credit hours in their final two years. This means engineering students will pay more initially but less later.

  • Tuition fees may increase each year to a maximum of 10%.
  • Siblings if the UofCanada students are eligible for a 10% tuition discount.
  • Tuition is paid in two instalments per year(one per semester).
  • For all programs 1- $50(CAD) activities paid per semester. 2- Texts books are additional fees.
  • For engineering students $1050(CAD) engineering and professional lab fee paid every year.


Accommodation: Dorms are located in Rehab next to the GUC garden ( group #18 ) and El Rehab club as well  (building #7 for males and #10 for females)


Accommodation Fees:


Single room with bathroom45,000
Single room without bathroom39,000
Double room with bathroom41,000
Double room without bathroom35,000


Bus fees (for 2 semesters)



New Cairo City and Rehab City

– Madinty – Shrouk – Obour

EGP 13,000

Nasr City – Misr Elgadida – Maadi

EGP 15,000

Mohandiseen – Doki

EGP 17,000

6 October and within area

EGP 20,000

Contact Universities of Canada


UofCanadainfo@uofcanada.edu.eg 16838
universityofcanadauofcanada.edu.egNew Administrative Capital



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