Why you should consider taking IT AL

By: Nour El Masry (IGCSE’20)

IT is an essential subject, which should be taken at least as an IGCSE, due to its curriculum which covers all the basic IT skills, but why not take its AL that would increase your percentage, add to your life skills and easily achieve a high grade in?

What does the curriculum consist of?

IT AL is the same as IT OL but extended; theory has the same topics plus extra points. Practical in AS contains: excel, access, audio editing and video editing. In A2: mail merge, programming, photoshop, animations and illustrations. Practical doesn’t need printing unlike IT OL.

What does the exam look like?

In AS there are only 2 papers which are graded equally, and in A2 there are 4 papers which are also all graded equally.

How different is IT AL from IT OL?

As Mr.Hossam Badawy, an IT IGCSE and AL teacher, said “IT AS is easier from IT OL, but A2 is much more difficult”, he also added that many students get higher grades in AS than OL. However, he recommends that if you’re planning to take A2 you should take it in a session which you have nothing in, or only one subject to give it the time it deserves.

How do you study?

Pastpapers and just keeping in mind that you’re learning something new and interesting is what Mariam Hossam, Top in Egypt in IT AS, needed to get a high grade, she also added that the subject benefited her greatly and added to her skills. However, the only con she mentioned is that the theory needs a lot of memorizing.

Is it accepted in all universities?

Yes, the subject is accepted in all  universities.



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